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GACO 2015 Prize Winners Announced

Once again we've been able to provide prizes for some lucky campers of the 2015 Great Aussie Camp Out. This would not be possible without our wonderful supporters Gondwana.

Yesterday our winners were randomly selected from those who registered their campout on the GACO website.

The lucky winners are as follows;


  • L. Browning (QLD)- Ladies T-shirt
  • B. Merzro (NSW)- Kids Fleece
  • M. Sutherland (NSW)- Gondwana Sun Cap
  • G. Naderi (WA)- Gondwana Sun Cap
  • M. Betts (VIC)- Girls Shirt
  • E. Wilson (QLD)- Boys Shirt
  • K. Thompson (WA)- Boys Fleece
  • R. Tayler (SA)- Kids Fleece

Each winner has been notified via direct email.  Congratulations to all of the lucky winners.  A huge thank you once again to Gondwana for their generosity and support with the Great Aussie Camp Out- it is sincerely appreciated.

Stay tuned to the GACO website and Facebook Page to keep up-to-date with event details for 2016.

About Gondwana...

At Gondwana, we are outdoor adventure addicts. We love to conquer new terrain, fight unpredictable elements and explore this great southern land we are so lucky to call our home.

It's about trading your smart phone for a travel guide, switching your office chair for a path less travelled and rugging up to watch your kids make their mark on the real world instead of the virtual one. It's about turning off the central heating and breathing in the fresh outdoor air and spending less time with acquaintances and more time with the people that matter most.

We think nothing makes you feel more alive than exploring unchartered territory, that's why we create tough outdoor gear, specifically designed to perform in our harsh environment, vast landscapes, and extreme weather conditions.

For products and more information, please visit the Gondwana website.