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Winter Shouldn't Stop You Getting Outdoors and Camping!

snowcampaug15.3The air is crisp and the days short however, that should not stop you from getting into the great outdoors and camping.

Winter can often provide some of the best camping conditions of the year with the cool nights allowing for a great sleep, mild days that allow you to trek for hours without having to find shade or a body of water to cool off in and sometimes some of the best views of the year- if you're lucky!

Muddy feet and questionable weather can happen at any time of the year however we tend to associate bad weather with winter. Essentially it all comes down to being prepared and packing according to the location, weather and conditions you are camping in.snowcampaug15.2

Australian Camps Association Membership Manager, Stephen Hamilton, recently went on his annual cross-country ski and snow camping trip in the Victorian High Country and brought back the amazing images you see below.

An avid camper and all round outdoor enthusiast, Stephen believes that winter camping has its own unique beauty, stating "We like it (winter camping) because the parks are generally less busy and the weather can be stable".

As always, it's important to be informed about the forecast weather for your trip and we would recommend campers turn to the Bureau of Meteorology (www.bom.gov.au) for weather warnings and forecasts.

Winter camping calls for some different equipment so please make sure that you are prepared; is your sleeping bag rated to deal with the temperatures you'll be camping in, etc? Monitoring your phone battery (ie. Using it sparingly) might be necessary in winter- remember, cold temperatures can cause some batteries to lose their charge quicker than the warmer temperatures.

Our previous article 'Planning your Great Aussie Camp Out' has some tips and things to think about when you are planning a campout. Remember to let someone who isn't camping with you know where you are going, when you plan on going and when you plan on returning.
Winter camping doesn't necessarily mean you need to trek deep into the high country to experience it; caravan parks are still there for those who like to campout but would like a hot shower if and when they want it.

Enjoy camping- give camping a try this winter.

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