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Why take part?

The Great Aussie Camp Out (GACO) is an ideal opportunity to:

  • Connect with the local community
  • Raise the profile of your organisation to families and the local community
  • Support and participate in an inaugural outdoor event in Australia

Provide a way for people to:

    • Experience camping and have fun
    • Connect with the nature and the outdoors

What options are there?

Which ever option you choose, you are taking part in GACO, the biggest camping event in Australia!
1.Host one of your usual outings or activities, camp out that night and register at the GACO website
2.Plan a special event or activity outing clearly identifying it as part of GACO and register it as an event with GACO

What has to be done?

  • Register your campers / event at the GACO website
  • Make sure you select a suitable area for participants to camp – consider numbers, noise, environmental damage, water supply, toilet and rubbish
  • Consider appropriate risk management strategies - security, emergency plans, access, first aid, bad weather

Need further information?

The official GACO website has a range of Info Fact Sheets and links to other useful sites.