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Scout Troop Camp for GACO

A great weekend was had by ten of our Scouts at Noonameena Scout camp in Lauriston.

This is a fantastic camp site with a permanent shelter and cooking facilities, though we used the dutch ovens on a campfire on Saturday night to cook a roast beef and veges. The river running through the property allowed us to fish, though unsuccessfully and encouraged two of the bravest to swim in the chilly water on Sunday afternoon while many others had accidental swims while crossing on makeshift bridges.

On our hike to the Lauriston Dam we encountered a Shingleback lizard, wallaby remains and a fresh wombat hole. At the dam we spent time in the sun eating lunch, skimming rocks and playing at the waters edge. Monash Venturer unit were camping here also and organised a wide game for us and enlightened us in how to play the card game spoons.

Sydney Hills & Surrounds GACO 2014

The Sydney Hills & Surrounds GACO attracted over 100 campers and day trippers. With shows from Australian Wildlife Displays, a charity BBQ Sausage sizzle to benefit the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and a bunch of first time and experienced campers we had an awesome campout - We even got in a few games of bush badminton & bush boccie. We capped the night off with toasted marshmallows and had a cracker of a night under the stars.